“Purrfect Find: Cleaner Discovers Mother Cat and Her Four Kittens in Abandoned Basement”

During the process of cleaning up an unoccupied residence, an individual happened upon a mother cat and her litter of four kittens nestled inside a laundry basket situated in the basement.

cat nursing kittens

A kind-hearted individual who was hired to tidy up an empty residence stumbled upon Goldie and her litter of four adorable kittens. The felines were situated in a laundry bin in the cellar with no means of sustenance or hydration accessible. After being made aware of their existence, Lori White, a member of the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO) based in Indiana, was promptly contacted. Unfortunately, it is unclear how long the precious feline family had been staying in the property since it was secured using a lockbox.

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A laundry basket at the basement of an unoccupied building served as a temporary home for a tabby cat and her adorable litter of four kittens. Lori White stumbled upon the feline family and realized they needed help urgently. Concerned about their well-being, she brought them to her place where she tended to the mother cat’s hunger and began searching for a rescue center to take them in. The tabby cat was ecstatic to finally have access to food and a clean environment to raise her young. She eagerly consumed as much nourishment as she could before carefully inspecting her surroundings and settling down to nurse her ravenous offspring.

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Goldie is a remarkable feline mother who is devoted to her kittens’ welfare. Her little ones appear to be thriving, and it’s evident that Goldie has been doing an excellent job caring for them. When a kind-hearted passerby came across the kittens, they quickly contacted a local shelter. Thankfully, the Animal Rescue of Plainfield (ARPO) stepped up to save them. Lori, a representative from ARPO, expressed her appreciation to the person who brought the kittens to their attention, recognizing their commitment to ensuring the kittens’ safety.

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When the tabby cat arrived, she was incredibly friendly and curious. After exploring her new surroundings, she eagerly called out to her kittens for snack time which filled the room with the sweet sound of purring and suckling. Check out the heartwarming video linked below to witness this adorable moment featuring Goldie the cat and her kittens. To her delight, Lori discovered that all four of the kittens were female orange tabbies. In a nod to the popular TV show Golden Girls, Lori decided to name these precious kittens Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche after the beloved characters. Their mother was lovingly named Goldie. It’s worth noting that having four female ginger cats is quite rare as only 20% of gingers are female. This makes this little feline family all the more unique and special.

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Meet Mama Goldie, a lovable furry companion who unfortunately doesn’t have a microchip. Despite this, her family of five, which includes Mama Goldie and her four playful quadruplets, has found a stable home where they’ll never go hungry. These energetic little ones are always on the lookout for excitement, with Dorothy especially eager to receive love and care from the humans around them.

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Lori White These little tykes are so full of energy and curiosity that they constantly get into mischief, giving their mom a never-ending list of things to watch out for. But Goldie is a true gem, taking care of their every need with kindness and tenderness.

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Lori White has mentioned that even though the kittens are only five weeks old, they still prefer to suckle from their mother whenever they get the chance. She has also pointed out that the mother cat, Goldie, is doing an excellent job of keeping her kittens clean and well-fed, as is evident from their cute round tummies. In closing, Lori has shared that Goldie is very pleased to have a comfortable home and caring companions for her four beloved offspring.

cat nursing kittens

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