Rescue Mission: Saving a Helpless Dog from the Brink of Starvation

The Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) has taken in a dog named “Augustus” after a concerned citizen in Chicago spotted him wandering the streets in an emaciated state. TAF has deemed Augustus’ case one of the worst they have seen due to the level of abuse he has endured. The police contacted TAF to help rescue the dog, and their efforts were quickly put into action. Upon arriving at the veterinary clinic, TAF’s Frank was overcome with emotion as he held Augustus, who appeared to be barely holding on to life. The extent of Augustus’ abuse was unimaginable, according to TAF.

According to TAF, Augustus appeared to be in a pitiful state. As soon as they entered the ER, they noticed chunks of fur and skin falling off his body. His head was sunken in, and he had deep wounds that were bleeding, while his bones seemed like they could break through his flesh because of severe muscle atrophy and starvation. In short, Augustus looked like a walking skeleton. Currently, Augustus is receiving care at the vet hospital’s intensive care unit. The initial blood test results indicate that he has severe anemia and infections. Furthermore, he is in danger of organ failure due to extreme emaciation.

Let’s send positive thoughts to the sick dog, Augustus. Anyone who wants to assist TAF with covering Augustus’ medical bills can contribute through their website. Just make sure to specify that the donation is intended for Augustus.

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