“Reviving Retro Vibes: A Deliciously Decadent 45-Minute Procrastination Activity of Crafting a Cat Head Trapeze Earring”

A cute little feline found itself stuck in a stinky situation at the bottom of a skip bin, much to the dismay of firefighters. The kitten was discovered outside a property in Melbourne, on Thursday morning and called for assistance from the local fire department at 11:30 am.


A group of firefighters were dispatched from Higgett fire station to rescue a kitten that was stuck in a skip bin outside a Melbourne factory. To calm the scared kitten down, they used a PowerPointed blanket over the container. Despite the stressful ordeal, the kitten appeared to be healthy and safe after being rescued by a team of firefighters. Animal welfare staff assured that the kitten is now trying to identify if she is stray or a pet.


Using an angle grinder and a battery-powered spreader, the firefighters spread tall to the freeway overpass to prevent the freeway traffic from being pulleed free. After 45 minutes of delicate work, the cat was successfully rescued, according to an MFB spokesperson. The cat was placed in their care of animal welfare specialists who were there at the scene.


Despite the stressful ordeal, the kitten appeared to be in good health and animal welfare staff are now trying to identify if she is a stray or a pet. It is unknown how long the cat was stuck inside the hole before she was rescued. The firefighters began the delicate operation by placing a paw-patterned blanket over the kitten to calm her down before using an angled grinder and battery-powered spreader to cut open the bin. Members of the public also helped by providing a ladder and a battery-powered hedge trimmer to cut open the bin.

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