“Silent Strength: How a Canine Overcame Adversity and Discovered Hope Through Rescue”

A skinny pooch, without ears and lacking a tongue, was discovered strolling down an Ohio street all by itself.

Penny, who was previously referred to as the “neglected dog,” was discovered on Lincoln Avenue in Hubbard Township. The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project shared on their Facebook page that the poor pup had an open sore on her behind, which was infested with flies and maggots. Fortunately, the non-profit rescue group took Penny under their care and had professional veterinarians examine her for other probable health concerns. Jason Cooke, the founder of The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project, expressed his heartbreak upon seeing Penny’s initial condition, which included malnourishment, missing ears, and trouble eating and drinking due to a mouth problem.

The animal shelter called out the dog’s owner on social media stating that they will not return the poor pup to them. The veterinarians who conducted the examination discovered that the dog’s hearing was significantly impaired and would require ear protection from time to time. They also discovered two small tumors that require surgery and a degloved lip, which means that the top part of her lip had been torn away from her gum due to physical harm.


Meet Penny, a dog who was discovered in a severely malnourished state in Ohio. A photo of Penny shows her emaciated body and worn-out teeth. The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project, the rescue organization that found Penny, reported that she has lost most of her tongue due to trauma and requires hand feeding and water through a syringe. Additionally, Penny is unable to regulate her body temperature by panting, so she must avoid high temperatures. While it’s unclear who neglected Penny, the rescue is calling for the responsible party to be held accountable. If you have any information about Penny’s owner, please contact your local police department. To incentivize information sharing, a $1,000 reward will be given to anyone whose tip leads to the arrest and conviction of the owner.


The severity of Penny the dog’s emaciation was captured in a photo by The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project’s Jason Cooke. In Ohio, inflicting harm on an animal is considered a first degree misdemeanor, punishable by a fine or a jail sentence of 180 days. If it happens again, it becomes a fifth degree felony, resulting in up to 12 months in prison. Photos of Penny reveal her ribcage due to extreme weight loss and missing teeth. Social media users expressed their sadness and concern for Penny, wondering how she could live a happy life with such injuries.

According to Kari Lyn, a shelter volunteer, Penny is capable of consuming hand-fed wet food and can be given water through a syringe. Despite her limitations, Penny is a loving and affectionate dog that still behaves like any other dog. Although she may require assistance with eating and drinking, it should not warrant putting her down. Kari Lyn stressed that just because Penny cannot go on runs or drink from a bowl does not mean she should not be given a chance to live and receive the proper care she needs.

The furry friend has been regularly consuming meals and hydrating properly. With some help in eating, drinking, and taking short walks or playing in the enclosed outdoor space, she can lead a typical dog life once she regains her weight and is no longer malnourished.

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