Streetwise Kittens Stick Together and Survive Turbulent Days on the Road

A pair of tiny kittens were discovered on the streets of Phoenix, where they had been surviving for a number of days. Despite their difficult circumstances, they managed to stay alive until a rescue team found them. Melinda Blaine, who established Bottle Baby Fosters, learned about the adorable animals and took them into her care. She began nursing and feeding them in her home.

It’s a remarkable feat that animals can survive without their mother for extended periods. They constantly seek to be in each other’s company and become distressed when apart, often crying out. The male, Buddha, and his sister, Bonsai, had several injuries on their paws. To prevent any infections from worsening, Melinda administered them with prescribed medication.

The kittens snuggled up comfortably after their meal and dozed off for an extended period to rejuvenate themselves. They needed to rest and recuperate from the intense strain they had endured. Bonsai managed to gain 15 grams in just a day, despite having a more extensive wound on her paw than Buddha. Nonetheless, she remained optimistic, and her indomitable spirit astonished her caregivers during her treatment.

The little felines worked together to organize the tray set, embarking on their first adventure into the world. They tried solid food for the first time and instantly became fans of it, a new experience for them.
These amusing creatures have a tendency to purr without any reason, and they always strive to stick together in any circumstance. The rescue team intends to locate a suitable home for these adorable kittens, but it will be some time before that happens. For now, they need more time to grow and develop.

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