Surviving Solo: A Man’s Journey Through Isolation and Illness in the Heart of the Forest.

Various rescue organizations on the internet shared this adorable doggo. Upon encountering the furry creature, a woman simply snapped a photo and posted it on her Facebook feed.

We have an amstaff breed of dog who is currently immobile and can only remain standing. The cause of his condition is unknown as we have no knowledge of what might have happened to him. It’s possible that he may have been shot previously as he was found in a wooded area.

This little guy is an absolute gem, always so happy and his tail is in constant motion. I couldn’t help but notice that his ears were cropped, which could mean that he had a previous owner who did it and then left him in this state.

Meet Alphonzo – unfortunately, his leg isn’t in a good state. The x-rays show that there is a tumor present. As a result, he experiences excruciating pain and has an unpleasant odor surrounding him.

The vet will conduct additional tests and blood work, along with a chest x-ray and CT scan to determine if there are any metastases. It’s highly likely that the dog will require amputation of its leg.

He’s constantly wagging his tail and showering people with kisses. His hearty appetite is a good sign.

After conducting a chest x-ray, it was found out that there are no metastases! The patient has been connected to an IV and will undergo leg amputation. Although blood work indicates anemia, the amputation cannot be delayed any further and needs to be done immediately. There is no time to wait for another day.

After undergoing a challenging and lengthy surgery, Alphonzo had one of his front legs amputated and a massive 6-kilo tumor removed. However, against all odds, he managed to pull through and leave the clinic only four days later. Alphonzo is a true fighter, and we have no doubt that he will continue to thrive! Although he is currently anemic, we plan to address this issue by providing him with the right vitamins and a well-balanced diet. Currently, Alphonzo is under the loving care of Merima, who is a veterinarian nurse as well.

After undergoing a difficult surgery, he came out victorious and is set to lead a normal and joyous existence! It is my fervent hope that someday he’ll come across a loving household where he is cherished as much as the owners cherish themselves.

It’s been a good month for Alphonzo, who’s healing well and doing great overall. He’s a lovable guy who enjoys the company of people, kids, and dogs, and surprisingly, he even gets along with cats!

he’ll get neutered. The program has been temporarily halted due to the pandemic. So for now, he’s just a happy-go-lucky pup enjoying life.

I sincerely wish that this lovely child will find a loving home soon. The child is truly grateful for all the help extended towards them, and I am also thankful to Meri and Franjo for taking such great care of them.

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