“Surviving the Wild: Nurturing Vulnerable Kittens to Thrive in the Great Outdoors”

At around 4:00 PM, I had just finished painting my room when I heard someone calling my name. When I left the room, it turned out that the sound was coming from front of my house and my neighbor’s son was approaching from there.


I am a new neighbor and just a few moments ago, I moved into and rented the space next to my house for my business. My business involves buying and selling scrap metal. I know about my love for rescuing lost cats.


It was surprising to see that he had just found two small kittens at this location. I guessed that they were about three weeks old.


It seemed like Tank God was still not satisfied with their work. As usual, I couldn’t guess what they wanted me to change.


Particularly for kittens without a mother, they require someone to take care of them. I hope they will always be healthy and grow up well. Check out the video below:

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