The Adorable Hybrid of a Bat and Panther: Meet the Unconventional Vampire Cat with a Calm and Loving Personality

The remarkable breed of cats known as the Siamese has produced a unique and fascinating variety called the Snowshoe. Despite their visually striking appearance, these felines possess an affectionate and gentle personality that poses no threat to anyone. They thrive on closeness with their owners and are known to be exceptional cuddlers. To the surprise of many, Snowshoes also enjoy playing the fetching game with their human companions!

The breed's unique look gets them lots of attention with many people saying that they look more like bats

The Oriental Shorthair cat is an intriguing breed that captures the attention of many due to its distinct appearance, which some compare to a mix between a bat and a panther. Despite their striking looks, these feline creatures are known for their calm and loving personalities. Tuomas Ikonen, a talented illustrator from Lemi, Finland, is the proud owner of three Oriental Shorthair cats named Hannu, Toivo, and Hugo. Although they may resemble vampires, these cats are actually gentle and affectionate pets. Toivo, with his panther-like features, stands out the most among the three, but he is a harmless creature who enjoys being carried around by Tuomas’ daughter. Hugo, on the other hand, is a peaceful feline who loves nothing more than lounging by the fireplace and indulging in food.

Toivo is sweet natured and playful, says his owner

Tuomas describes Toivo, his feline companion, as a loving and playful cat who possesses a calm nature. Although he may not be as energetic as he was in his younger days, Toivo occasionally partakes in the activities of younger cats. One of his hobbies includes observing birds and squirrels from his vantage point at the window, and he also enjoys playing with his toy mouse, which he sometimes dips into water cups or drinking glasses. Moreover, Toivo finds pleasure in watching bird videos on YouTube. In contrast, Hannu, another cat owned by Tuomas, derives joy from playing fetch with toys and has a bit of mischief in him. He often snatches his daughter’s stuffed animals when she isn’t around and is an enthusiastic eater.

The breed is becoming more and more popular

The Meowrientals Instagram page is dedicated to three adorable tabby cats that belong to the Oriental Shorthair breed. This account has amassed a large following of almost 20,000 people who enjoy seeing candid snapshots of the cats’ daily activities. Despite their fierce exterior, these felines are intelligent, sociable, and communicative pets. They love playing and are even known to enjoy a game of fetch. The Oriental Shorthair breed has close ties to Siamese cats and originally hails from Thailand. However, it was developed in the USA by New York-based cat breeders who were fascinated by the lynx pattern found on Siamese cats. According to Tuomas, the owner of the Meowrientals page, his cats are always involved in everything and follow him and his family wherever they go, including watching them cook and sleeping in their bed.

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