The Courageous Tale of a Senior Pooch’s Battle with Bone Cancer

On the 22nd of September, we were informed about an unfortunate incident where an aged dog was left chained without access to water or food despite its deteriorating health condition. Even though we have worked in animal rescue for a long time, this is something we have never witnessed before. The poor dog seems to be suffering from bone cancer, which unfortunately has never been treated. It has been confined to a short chain for several years and has been surviving on scraps and waste, leading to malnourishment and a deficiency of essential vitamins. Consequently, it has developed osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

According to the veterinarian, this form of cancer typically develops from severe injuries or infections that transform into a tumor. Sadly, this is precisely what happened to the dog in question, who was observed being brutally beaten by its intoxicated owner. The poor animal was kept hidden in the owner’s yard for several years, restrained by a short metal chain that allowed it to move no more than a couple of feet.

The rescue team tried to save a boy, but the owner refused to let them take his dog, insisting that it was his property. The team eventually sought help from the police and left the dog behind. When they returned to speak to the owner after a while, they noticed that the dog seemed upset. Fortunately, they managed to obtain the necessary paperwork and the owner finally relented. However, he did ask them to report the incident if they took any action.

We made the decision to prioritize the medical needs of the unfortunate dog right away. His condition required immediate blood tests and medical examination, and our boy needed an urgent amputation with tissue samples sent for further analysis. It’s a long road ahead for Jordan.

After taking X-rays, we discovered that Jordan had Osteosarcoma, a severe form of bone cancer. While there were no signs of metastases in his lungs, his tumor was growing at an alarming rate, causing the skin to tear. To lift his spirits, we gave him a thorough bath to wash away any negative energy from his past.

Unfortunately, Jordan needed to be transported to Turkey for further treatment as nothing could be done for him in Azerbaijan. After arriving in Istanbul, he was sedated for complete body X-rays before undergoing surgery.

Thankfully, Jordan’s amputation surgery was successful, and his cancerous limb was removed. He adapted quickly to his new life, regaining his appetite and enjoying our food.

As we continue to wish Jordan a speedy recovery, we hope for many happy years ahead. We love you Jordan!

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