“The Cutest Internet Moment: Watch a Seal Show Love to a Dachshund with a Sausage Treat”

While on vacation, it’s possible to form friendships and connect with the local community. This was the case for Melanie Talbot and her puppy Stanley when they visited Cornwall. One of their stops was the Cornish seal sanctuary where Stanley met Aayla, a baby seal. The two hit it off immediately and posed for adorable photos together. Witnessing their interaction was heartwarming, as they gazed at each other through the underwater tank’s glass partition. This encounter just goes to show that friendship knows no boundaries and can be formed between any creatures.

It seems that Aayla, the seal pup, can often be seen near the underwater viewing area because she enjoys interacting with both dogs and humans. It’s clear that Aayla has made friends with dogs before, but she seemed to have a special connection with Stanley. It’s possible that Aayla mistook Stanley for another seal since he was wearing a jacket that made him look like a pup, with his ears tucked in.

Georgina Shannon, a staff member at the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary, shared that the female seal showed a keen interest in the male seal. The photos captured the moment and quickly gained popularity on social media due to their cuteness. It was evident from the pictures that the female seal spent a significant amount of time gazing at the male seal through the glass.

In 2017, Aayla was rescued from Bacton and brought to a sanctuary in 2018 with the hope of finding her a permanent home. Melanie, who owns Stanley, shared that Aayla and Stanley instantly became friends. They were seen playfully touching noses through the glass as if they were sharing secrets. Stanley had a great time on his trip to Cornwall because he found a new friend in Aayla. We are all thrilled that these two friends found each other. Photo credit and additional information can be found on the accounts of mabel_alfie_stanley_dachshunds and stanleysausagedog1 owned by Melanie Talbot.

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