The Healing Power of Love: How One Woman’s Dedication Helped a Stray Dog Overcome a Traumatic Experience.

There are heartwarming tales that surround us, which serve as our inspiration and motivation. These stories depict acts of kindness or benevolence, encouraging us to become better individuals who can contribute to the betterment of society. One such tale is about empathy and good luck coming together to create a miracle that saves an invaluable life.

During a property inspection on October 12, 2018, Kylina Turner stumbled upon a small animal in the backyard. At first glance, she thought it was a stuffed toy, but upon closer inspection, she realized it was a real dog. As she approached, the furry creature twitched its ear, prompting Turner to investigate further.

According to Turner, she was taken aback when she discovered the creature – she couldn’t believe it was an animal, let alone a living being. The dog was in a terrible state, with no food or water and severe sunburn due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Furthermore, his legs were trapped in a wire bed frame, making it impossible for him to move.
Subsequently, Turner learnt that the tenant had found the dog wandering around and brought him to his backyard. He reached out to animal control to have the dog taken away, but after two days with no response, he gave up and abandoned the dog. Turner painstakingly untangled the dog’s legs, placed him in her car, and drove him to the nearest vet, unsure if he could endure the 20-minute drive to the animal shelter.

Turner shared that the dog showed no signs of fear when he found him and appeared to trust him immediately. He observed a blank stare in the dog’s eyes, which made him believe that the dog knew he was there to help. Turner contacted a veterinary team upon finding the dog, who then conducted a medical examination on Caro. The results showed that the dog was severely malnourished, dehydrated, and had a bad case of mange. The veterinary technicians pledged their funds to pay for Caro’s recovery, and Turner set up a GoFundMe page to gather additional donations for his treatment.

When he first arrived at the veterinarian, the 6-month-old German Shepherd weighed only 18 pounds, when he should have weighed at least 50 pounds. Despite his condition, Turner visited the pup daily and soon became quite fond of him. The veterinary staff was also invested in his recovery, celebrating small victories such as when he lifted his head or ate solid food. It was a difficult time for all involved.

After leaving the veterinary hospital with Casey, her beloved seven-year-old pooch, Caro chose to adopt him. However, Casey suffered from mange and needed medicinal baths and small meals four times a day to gain weight, making their initial weeks together quite challenging. Despite this, Caro’s dedicated efforts paid off as Casey regained his weight and his luscious brown and black fur began to grow back.

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