The Heartwarming Comfort of a Canine Companion as His Sister Receives Support During Her Last Moments.

A puppy that was only three months old displayed remarkable loyalty by refusing to leave the side of its sibling who was hit and killed by a vehicle. The heartbroken canine stayed by the female puppy’s side for two days until a compassionate individual buried her.

In Sichuan Province’s Pixian County, eyewitnesses claimed to have spotted two dogs, one grey and one brown, wandering on the road.

The little brown pup was acting as a protector for the grey pup, making sure it didn’t get hit by any passing cars. Every time a vehicle came close, the brown pup would jump up and bark to warn them away.

For several days, they remained in the same spot until someone finally rescued them and brought them to safety on the roadside.

Someone else from the community took the initiative to create a pit to bury the grey canine. However, its littermate hurriedly joined in the burrow and refused to leave its companion’s side.

for now.

The employees of an animal protection shelter from the vicinity have successfully retrieved the brown dog, which is now under their care.

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