“Thomas the Family Cat Finds a New Best Friend in a Stray Kitten”

On occasion, felines enjoy having complete control over their domain without any competitors in sight. Certain cats don’t mesh well with other creatures, whether they’re felines, canines, or humans. Thankfully, that’s not the case here! This tale is all about Thomas and his newfound sister, Coco, who was discovered abandoned.

Thomas the cat

Coco, a lovable feline, has captured the hearts of many through her adorable boops. Her story began when Instagram user @asformeandmycats posted a video of Coco’s arrival and how their cat, Thomas, adapted to having a new sibling. Coco was found at just four weeks old, abandoned and alone in the wild. The couple that found her theorized that she was either abandoned by humans or her mother had died tragically. Nevertheless, they took in the little kitten and gave her a loving home. They shared on Instagram that Coco showed signs of abandonment, as she was wandering around by herself, crying loudly from hunger, and covered in dirt and fleas. Although it is unclear how Coco ended up in the wild, they are grateful to have adopted her. However, they were unsure if Thomas, their resident cat, would accept the new addition to their family. Fortunately, they were able to find helpful videos online with tips on how to introduce cats, and now Coco and Thomas are inseparable.

Upon their first meeting, Thomas displayed a great deal of curiosity towards Coco. He investigated her by sniffing her and even playfully batting at her. However, once he had satisfied his curiosity, Thomas quickly developed a fondness for Coco and became the best big brother she could ask for. In fact, he was so devoted to her that he even offered to hold her owner’s purse without complaint.

Thomas the cat

At present, Thomas has taken up the responsibility of grooming Coco, spending time cuddling with her, and even playing and sleeping together. Check out this video that shows the initial meeting between Thomas and Coco. https://coleandmarmalade.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Thomas-and-Coco-meet.mp4 Thomas and Coco

Thomas and Coco sitting in the sunlight before door

“Observing Birds” Currently, Thomas and Coco remain the closest of companions! In a short span of time, their social media following skyrocketed from approximately 1,000 to 11.6K admirers. On Instagram, a user remarked, “It appears that tuxedo cats are sociable towards other felines, much like my own.”

Cherry on top of cat's nose

“Thomas is like the perfect finishing touch, adding sweetness to everything 🍒” remarked one individual. Another person shared their observation that owning only one cat can make them feel lonely when left alone at home while their owner is out. However, having a second furry friend provides them with a lifelong companion 🤍.

Cuddly cat and kitten

The affection between these two feline friends is undeniable, as captured in the video here. While there are moments of sibling rivalry, overall their bond is a source of happiness for their owners, who express gratitude for their delightful companionship. As Coco grows older and larger, it seems they can engage in even more boisterous play, but they still make time for snuggles just like when they were kittens.

cats cuddling

To stay updated about Coco and Thomas’ escapades, you can track them via Instagram.

cats napping

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