Tiny Survivors: Newly Born Kittens Left on Freezing Grounds Beat the Odds.

A kind-hearted lady named Marty stumbled upon three tiny kittens in Las Vegas about a week ago. The little furballs were hanging out in the bushes all by themselves, and there was no sign of their mother anywhere.

A neighbor reached out to Nikki Martinez, a well-known animal lover, for assistance. While out walking her dogs, Marty’s furry friend took an interest in nearby bushes. Upon further investigation, she stumbled upon three helpless newborn kittens, still attached to their umbilical cords, and sought Nikki’s guidance.

While Nikki was away, a woman came across some abandoned newborn kittens and sought her help. Although unable to physically assist, Nikki instructed the woman on how to properly care for the kittens until she returned the following day. Upon her return, Nikki’s friend Marty quickly gathered supplies from the supermarket, including specialized kitten food. She began feeding the kittens and took them with her to work the next day to keep up with their feeding schedule. The kittens were found on a chilly night, and were initially cold and stiff.

After taking the babies, Nikki searched the vicinity with the expectation of finding the mother cat but to no avail. Subsequently, she reached out to Trap Neuter Return, a non-profit organization that rescues feral cats in the eastern region of Las Vegas.

The little felines appeared feeble. They had only been on this earth for a day and were not receiving the vital mother’s milk that provided immunity. Nikki was amazed they were still breathing. Nevertheless, she was determined to do whatever she could to aid them, even if it meant giving them all she had.

Nikki built a comfortable bed and added several sources of heat to ensure that the young ones stayed warm and cozy all the time. She also made sure to feed the little fur balls every two hours and named them Cookie, Potato, and Bun.

However, on the third day, Bun, who was the smallest of the litter, was not doing well. Despite the fact that the others were growing and gaining strength, Bun had stopped eating altogether and could not be convinced to even take a tiny bite of food.

Nikki shared how she struggled to feed her little one until the wee hours of the morning, but her efforts proved to be unsuccessful. She recalled feeling a heavy heart and a sense of helplessness.

It’s crucial to provide food for a young kitten as they cannot survive without it. Nikki and her husband knew that they had to find a solution to feed the young feline. The following day, they decided to use artificial nutrition to sustain the kitten’s health. Nikki’s spouse is a certified nurse in neonatal critical care for humans, and the couple also studied veterinary medicine. Thankfully, their quick thinking and expertise helped to revive the kitten. With continued care, the kitten began to recover from the ordeal.

Nikki experienced a mixture of emotions when she saw her baby gain the missing weight and begin eating without the assistance of a tube. She was overwhelmed with happiness, but also felt thoroughly exhausted. The bun has since continued to thrive and now weighs a healthy 121 g.

The woman shares her joy of watching her pet eat after two days of refusing food and being on an artificial diet. She describes the rumbling in her furry friend’s tummy as music to her ears.

There is a significant population of homeless animals in Las Vegas, estimated to be around 250,000. Although this number seems relatively small compared to Los Angeles, which has over three million, it remains a pressing issue. Stray cats not only fend for themselves on the streets but also reproduce offspring in the same areas. This problem can be solved by taking action. It is unwise to stay away from stray animals as they require assistance. The best course of action is to contact local animal shelters or rescue organizations that offer safety traps. Once caught, the animals can be transported to veterinarian facilities for spaying and neutering, thus reducing their numbers.

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