Title: A Neglected Pup in Need of a Loving Home Despite Its Appearance

There is a dog named Sniffles who was attacked by other dogs in Puerto Rico and lost his nose. He has been struggling with various health issues, but since he came to the US for medical treatment, a Florida animal rescue shared his story and now many people are interested in adopting him.

According to reports, Sniffles had a tough time living in Puerto Rico due to the appalling conditions. The poor dog was infested with several parasites like hookworms and whipworms, and his dental health was in severe need of repair.

To make things worse, Sniffles had suffered from an attack by other stray dogs that resulted in multiple wounds and other diseases. As a result, he lost his nose, and life became miserable for him.

Fortunately, a local animal rescue group discovered him in Puerto Rico, and he was finally adopted by a family in the US. The family believed that Sniffles would receive better medical treatment in the US, which he desperately needed.

Despite being placed in a new home, Sniffles’ stay there was short-lived as he had the tendency to run away. This posed a greater risk for him given his constant need for medical attention. Fortunately, Poodle and Pooch Rescue, a non-profit organization based in Florida which rescues hundreds of dogs annually, took him in on December 19. They immediately went to work in finding him a permanent home and even got him featured on WESH, a news station in Orlando, on December 24.

Since then, Sniffles has experienced a change in fortune. More than 100 individuals have contacted the shelter expressing their interest in providing him with a forever home, and his story continues to gain traction. According to Rebecca Lynch, a representative for the shelter, the ideal adopter for Sniffles should be someone who is committed to cleaning his nasal passages twice daily and administering eye drops for his dry eye condition. Additionally, Sniffles was found to have hook worms and whip worms, indicating that he may have lived in unsanitary conditions prior to being taken into the shelter’s care. Fortunately, he is undergoing treatment for Ehrlichia, which is a tick-borne illness, and is expected to make a full recovery.

In spite of the challenges and health issues Sniffles has faced, he remains a loving and affectionate pup. Lynch described him as a resilient little boy who has gradually become more outgoing and confident despite his difficult past. Sniffles enjoys snuggling, playing outside, and getting along with other dogs. Due to his condition, he emits charming little snorting sounds that add to his charm.

Sniffles, the adorable and cheerful dog, has gained a lot of attention after his story aired in Central Florida. Despite his unique appearance, Sniffles is just one of many special needs dogs that our rescue accepts every week. While we consider some great options for Sniffles, we encourage others to adopt, give, or foster other special needs pets. For now, a kind-hearted woman named Genesis Diaz is fostering Sniffles and shared her heartwarming experience waking up to his affectionate antics. Our team at the animal rescue is also completely taken by Sniffles’ charming personality.

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