Title: Heartwarming Story of a Rescue Convoy Chased by a Loyal Dog, Tugging at Heartstrings Everywhere.

Lately, a bunch of pictures showcasing a dog running after a team of soldiers on patrol seeking to “join” them has caught the attention of social media users. The pictures have become viral in numerous countries including Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, arousing the curiosity of viewers who desire to know more about this heartwarming incident.

Over the past few days, social media has been buzzing with a viral photo series of a dog chasing after a group of soldiers on patrol, seemingly asking to “join” them. The pictures have garnered widespread attention in various countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, leaving viewers intrigued about the heartwarming incident’s backstory. According to some netizens, the dog appears to be a stray which stumbled upon the army on its route and started running behind them in what seemed like an attempt to join their ranks.

Several internet users believed that a dog was roaming the streets when they saw a group of soldiers chasing after it for a mission. However, the truth is that the photos were taken by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero during the quarantine period in Tupiza, Bolivia. The army was patrolling the area to enforce compliance with regulations and Chumacero captured the moment.

Apparently, photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero captured a set of pictures that depict the army patrolling Tupiza’s streets during the quarantine for the epidemic. These photos were published on Los Tiempos website and they show the vehicle used by the army to enforce regulations and make sure people were complying with them.

According to Los Tiempos, a photographer named Luis Fernando Chumacero captured a heartwarming moment on the streets of Tupiza, Bolivia during the quarantine period. The pictures show soldiers in a vehicle patrolling to ensure people follow regulations while accompanied by a fawn dog named Gorda. While Gorda appears to be a stray dog, he is actually a pet in the barracks, adopted by a regiment as their mascot. Colonel Luis Pachecho, the Director of Department Army Logistics IV, explained that these dogs live with soldiers and are trained like one of them. When the soldiers went out to patrol against Covid-19, Gorda followed them eagerly and was picked up by the soldiers in the car. This touching moment was captured by the photographer’s lens and has garnered attention online.

The fawn-colored pooch known as Gorda isn’t a stray roaming the streets, but rather a beloved pet residing in the barracks. He lives alongside soldiers and is treated as one of their own, even dining and training like them. Gorda serves as the mascot for a division within the regiment, according to Colonel Luis Pacheco, who is in charge of Army logistics for Division IV. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and soldiers were deployed to patrol the streets, Gorda followed suit. Witnessing his “brothers” heading out on duty, Gorda eagerly tagged along. Soldiers riding in a vehicle noticed his enthusiasm and allowed him to join them on their mission. This heartwarming event was captured by a photographer. In a delightful surprise, another canine named Multicam – who serves as the mascot for a different division – tried to follow Gorda into the car.

The forum was buzzing with different versions of photo edits featuring two adorable dogs. Whether or not the viewers were aware of the backstory, they all agreed that the furry duo brought a smile to their faces during these trying times of the pandemic.

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