Title: “Loyalty in the Downpour: A Canine’s Refusal to Leave its Departed Friend”

It’s a heart-wrenching scene as a stray puppy mourns the loss of its furry friend, refusing to leave their side.

A heartwarming video of a puppy standing over its dead friend in Daying county, Suining City, Sichuan Province, China, has gone viral with over five million views. A kind passerby named Mr. Xiong noticed the pup’s reluctance to leave its companion and offered assistance.

The small canine seems to be gazing intently at the camera, letting out desperate and mournful cries for help. As per Mr. Xiong, one of the dogs had already passed away, and the other was in a feeble state and on the brink of death. He mentioned that the yelps of the poor creature sounded extremely sorrowful.

On October 25, a video was captured featuring a lifeless dog lying on the ground while another injured dog stood over it. Mr. Xiong, who was present at the scene, had to make the difficult decision of leaving the deceased dog behind and taking the living one with him. He later returned the surviving dog wrapped in a piece of cloth.

As he arrived at work, Mr. Xiong found a lost puppy and decided to bring it along with him. His colleagues were kind enough to offer some food to the little one who seemed very weak. However, since they couldn’t take care of the dog themselves, they placed the puppy in a cardboard box and took it to the nearest animal shelter for proper care.

Mr. Xiong expressed his hopes that someone with a kind heart would be willing to adopt it.

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