“Unconventional Companions: Emotional Support Dogs Bring Comfort to Cheetahs in Zoos (Watch)”

It may come as a surprise that cheetahs, being one of the swiftest and deadliest animals, can be quite sensitive. These majestic felines often experience anxiety and stress to the point of hindering their ability to socialize and reproduce. This is where they require assistance, and an unlikely source has offered a solution.

Upon observing their behavior, it became evident that these animals required aid. Consequently, caretakers at the zoo have decided to provide them with their very own emotional support canines.

According to Jack Grisham, who serves as the vice president of animal collections at the St. Louis Zoo and coordinates the species survival plan for cheetahs in North America, it’s a heartwarming tale of one species coming to the aid of another in order to ensure their continued existence.

According to Janet Rose-Hinostroza, the animal training supervisor at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, having a dominant dog can be very beneficial for African animals. These animals tend to be naturally shy, which cannot be bred out of them. When cheetah cubs are paired with guide dogs, the cats look up to the dogs for guidance and learn from their behavior. This helps them become more confident and willing to participate in various activities. The idea is to get them to pick up on the calm and carefree energy exuded by the dogs, which makes them more comfortable and eager to engage.

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