“Unjustly Targeted: Pitbull Shot and Left Limbless”

Fifty, a Pit Bull, was destined to serve others since his birth. His mother was rescued by a compassionate family while she was pregnant. Among her littermates, Fifty was chosen by the family and became a part of their household which included another dog, Izzy. However, the happy life of the playful dog took a tragic turn unexpectedly.

A dog named Fifty was shot by a patrolling officer who thought he was a threat. Even though Fifty was a friendly and gentle Pit Bull, he became a victim of breed discrimination. This sad incident had a permanent impact on his life as he lost both of his right legs due to the gunshot injuries.

Fifty had just started getting the hang of standing on his two legs that were left when everything in his life changed once more. This time around, his and Izzy’s owners had no other choice but to leave them at the shelter because they lost their home due to the recession. With this major setback, Fifty found himself back to where he first started, with nothing certain in his life.

Amidst the gloomy and unpredictable phase of his life, Fifty stumbled upon his real passion. He chose not to succumb to the challenges and made a firm decision to pave his way towards success once again.

In the beginning, he relied on walls to support him as he tried to stand up. However, he stumbled frequently. Nevertheless, he persisted and kept pushing himself until he regained the ability to walk and run with ease. His unwavering determination and perseverance paid off!

After spending 9 months recuperating at the shelter, Fifty has finally found his loving and permanent home.

From the moment he met his new human family and furry siblings, he felt an instant connection and promised to be a loyal companion every day. He adapted quickly to his new routine, which consisted of thrilling escapades and cozy snuggles.

The new owners of Fifty have a habit of taking care of dogs that require fostering. As a result, the kind-hearted big boy is ecstatic about the opportunity to become a caring foster sibling to other animals facing similar unlucky circumstances as himself.

Fifty is a remarkable Pit Bull who has faced numerous challenges in life, including a disability. Nevertheless, he has shown remarkable resilience and courage in overcoming them all. Let us celebrate his inspiring story, which proves that Pit Bulls are not just a “hated breed.” Check out the video below to see how Fifty managed to thrive on two left legs despite his disability. Don’t forget to share this amazing story with your loved ones!

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